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Come, take a seat at
my table.

I like to think of myself as the perfect combination of ghetto and bougie, and so is my cooking. When you come to my home – whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner – it will inevitably be a mix of soul food meets fancy.


Cooking brings me soooo much joy! It's my happy place. I pour a glass of wine, take off my shoes, play my best jams – loudly – and I'm off!


Where possible, I use good quality ingredients because I appreciate the difference they make to every meal. But, above all, I cook from my soul - tasting as I go and trusting my gut instict.


On this site, you'll find a bunch of free recipes. You can also buy a copy of my book, which I wrote during one of the many COVID lockdowns in Melbourne! 


Whichever way you go, I encourage you to use my recipes as a guide rather than a set of rules. While I may have included specific quantities, I don't know you and your preferences. I don't know when something is too sweet or too salty for you. (My darling husband still adds salt to every meal I cook -  how rude!!)


So, trust yourself, have fun, and make sure to take time to appreciate the results.




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