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Side Dishes

Yummy. Scrumptious. Delicious.

A good side dish is a good anchor for your main meal.

Side dishes also have more versatility and look so sexy! Yeah, I said it; sexy!


My son is a lover of side dishes, mashed potatoes by far being his fave.  More often than not, he'll finish the side dish long before he's even touched the meat. And thanks to my daughter being a committed lover of brocolli & carrots, I've had to up my game when preparing vegetables as a side dish. Infusing flavours like garlic, parmasean, mixed herbs (dry or fresh), butter, mustard and even maple syprup; I have found every other way to make wholesome side dishes that (fingers crossed) will have your pickiest eater asking for more.

IMG_1583_jpg 2.JPG

When you're going for good looks and amazing flavour, these are the potatoes that will make you the ball of the party

Fancy Potatoes

IMG_1581_jpg 2.JPG

Who knew that maple syrup and some butter will turn you into a crunchy, sweet and good looking bunny

Bunny Carrots

Confession time; until I discovered roasting cauliflower as a method of cooking, I thought it was the blandest of all vegetables.

I've been fully converted thanks to this recipe.

Roasted Cauliflower

Roasted Cauliflower.jpeg

Who knew that wrapping bacon on some beans will be so taste bud transformative. Give it a go and watch your taste buds be transformed.

Wrapped Beans

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