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If you think that salads are just supposed to be a side dish or the thing you have to make yourself feel more "healthy" than babe, you need to find a new friend! Salads are the bomb diggity, no doubt about it. I mean, I am obviously not talking about what salads used to be but rather what they can be. So, let's make a few really transformative, mouth watering and healing to the soul salads. Yeah, that's how I describe them because that is how I see them!

Let's go!

A salad for all seasons. You can serve this warm or cold.

Quinoa Salad


I have served this ones as an entree which worked a treat. You could also cube the avocado and serve it from a bowl instead of a platter.

Avocado Caprese

IMG_0047 2.JPG

The perfect spring or summer salad. It has room for so many variations, the options are endless.

Citrus Salad

IMG_1576_jpg 2.JPG

The healthiest, yummiest salad on this side of time! This soul hugging salad is fuelled with flavour and all the neccesary healthy bits.

Green Salad

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