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My name is Dawn Mackay and I am the Founder & Principal Designer at Sanctuary Ekhaya and Sanctuary Table. 


Using the principle of service to others (and self), I spend most of my days juggling motherhood - school pick ups, cooking meals, listening to random stories, wiping bottoms, helping my husband find items right in front of him - and running my business where I create content, products and services to inspire, encourage and support the 21st century woman. 


For as long as I can remember, I've loved the experience of entering a beautiful home - not just the way it looks but how it makes you feel. Maybe it's because I grew up without much money and lived in places where violence or the threat of violence was often present. I swore that one day I would create a beautiful home for my family and, for the past 15 years, I've been doing just that.

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Even when my husband and I were brokety-broke, I worked with what we had, repurposing and recycling old pieces of furniture. Over time, our bank balance has increased, and so has my knowledge of what it means to design and style spaces that meet both your physical and emotional needs. One thing has stayed the same: I believe everyone deserves to live in a home that makes them feel safe, warm and loved, and creating that home shouldn't cost the earth.


That's why I developed sanctuary ekhaya:

  • sanctuary - a sacred space; a safe haven; a place of refuge and protection.

  • ekhaya ("eh-kai-uh") - from my mother tongue, isiZulu, meaning "home".

sanctuary ekhaya exists to help turn your home into a sanctuary - a place you and your family can't wait to come back to. And, whether you own your house or rent, there are so many creative and affordable ways to do so. 


So, if your place needs a complete revamp or just a simple refresh, let's have a cuppa and, together, we can work it out. 

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