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I don’t know where it comes from; maybe the way I was raised, or it’s just ‘built’ in me, but I have always been a survivor. I believe we all are, even if we don’t see it in ourselves. So when the darkest season fell over my life, I needed my natural survival instincts to ensure that it didn’t swallow me whole.


Losing my first child – my beautiful daughter, Zinhle Grace – just three months after she was born was a battle I didn’t see coming. I felt ambushed, overwhelmed and completely unprepared. My only weapon was the pen and paper with which I wrote letters to God, many of which were excruciatingly honest.


Dear God, features a selection of the journal entries I kept, as well as my reflections on how I fought to find my way back to life and faith – and ultimately, how I won my victory.

dear God,

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