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Introducing our new design service


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Why choose a Virtual Service

Discover Sanctuary Ekhaya's virtual interior design services, a modern twist on our classic full-service offerings, perfect for those desiring a personalized touch that reflects their distinct taste and preferences.


Ready to explore our design service?

Reach out to us to schedule your complimentary 30-minute consultation.

If you're eager to elevate your home or a specific room, don't hesitate to get in touch. I'll arrange a meeting to delve into all your interior needs.


I'm thrilled about crafting a personalized finish and furniture design plan, overseeing the procurement process, and supervising the installation to completely transform your new home.


My utmost dedication lies in collaborating with you to bring your vision of a serene sanctuary to life. It's an honor to be entrusted with your sacred space.

Book Consultation



Thanks for submitting, we will be in touch soon!

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sanctuary ekhaya is here to hellp transform your home into a haven - a place you and your loved ones eagerly anticipate returning to.

Whether you're a homeowner or a renter, discover countless imaginative and budget-friendly ways to achieve this blissful sanctuary.

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